Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 6: How to win my heart

This challenge is making me think about things that I do not normally think about which I feel like I am also learning about myself as you readers are learning about me. To win my heart is pretty easy to do so long as I am not disrespected. I keep this idea of simplicity to go a long way, spending time with people I enjoy their company, taking the time out of the week to talk to people in person rather than constant messaging, and the occasional shopping splurges because wearing new outfits does make my heart happy.

  1. Spelling my name correctly and not calling me Isabella - My name is not as difficult as people make it seem to spell out. Only consists of six letters, the pronunciation may vary depending on your first language and for all that matters is that you say my actual name. I feel like I am not asking for much but just know if you call me Isabella I lose utter respect from you and will probably ignore you until you say my name correctly. Unless it is the first time then I will correct you myself. 
  2. Random heart warming messages - Doesn't matter whether the sun is out or not, or if I am in deep sleep or eating ice cream, I appreciate any and all random heart warming messages. I believe that any day is a day that one may step on their opposite foot and begin to appreciate the small things in life that makes life a little sweeter in a mess of bitterness. 
  3. Remembering little details about me - I have already mentioned this about me in the ten things that make me happy, but this is also how you win my heart. No gifts, money, maybe surprises but not necessarily materialistic items will win my heart. Simplicity and to be genuine wins my heart. Although that may sound a bit easy, I have yet to meet that many people that are sincerely down to earth and expect nothing in return but kindness and support.
  4. People being themselves to me and not having to pretend to be someone they're not - Probably should of started this with my number one, but to be yourself definitely wins my heart. I don't care much if my ideas or any things that I find interesting is out of the ball park, but if you pretend to act like you do enjoy the same things that I do then we can't be friends. Just be yourself it's okay if you don't fit in I will appreciate it more than someone who wants to be someone they are not. Embrace the inner tiger! 
  5. Making me laugh - I enjoy making people laugh as much as I love laughing myself. Any stories, having a charismatic personality, sarcastic humor, I'm not really picky as long as I am snorting with laughter. (Did I just paint all of you a cute picture, or what?) 
What are ways to win your heart?

xx Chavelita

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