Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 12: Blessed and grateful

At random moments over the months, I look back to all the wonderful and not so glamorous portions of my life. Then after coming up from the thoughts, I come into realization that not everybody goes through the same path to get to where they are today. Some of us went through a long bumpy road, others went down a rocky slide, and others went through a maze to get to where they are now. The reason why I did not put that some glided through success is because success does not come from being lucky but more with the work that has be put to achieve their position. If life went smoothly all the time, then what would be the definition of living? Anyway here are five things as to why I feel blessed as I walk through my own road.

  1. For my parents who are still happily married - After nine years of dating and twenty three years of being married, ever since I was little my parents relationship was always something I looked up to. Even though I was younger and did not understand what the struggles they went through to provide for my brothers and I, they never blamed us and they definitely never lost their temper with us. Most of my memories were silly, funny, and full of love and cuddles. For that I will never trade my parents or those memories for anything. 
  2. For being healthy - Something that I take for granted, is being healthy which is by far a blessing. To be able to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste, now that's a big deal. 
  3. To be able to go to college - One of the things that I was most worried about is being able to pay for college which could have also been the greatest obstacle to maintain my position as a college student. At least with the support of my parents and the scholarships that I have earned for the following semester has placed me in a good position to attend college. 
  4. For the people who had walked into my life whether they stayed or left - Everyone had a purpose in my life whether the impact was minimal or substantial, I have learned immensely from each person. Those are the people that has transformed me into the person I am today which is why it is a blessing to say, for getting me into the position I am today.  
  5. For my best friend - My best friend always makes me feel blessed and I feel like we have defeated many odds as we have remained friends for eight years... Yeah eight years, the same age as a child. Mind blowing but I am glad that we stuck with one another because she is literally my other half. 

What makes you feel blessed?

xx Chavelita

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