Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 15: The wildest day

Well the challenge today was to bullet point my day from start to finish, but between you and me I did nothing but lay in bed and wishing for my headache or migraine of whatever it was that was bothering inside my head to go away. Yet I will still bullet point my day and we will both see how much of a productive person I can be.
  • I woke up around 9:45 in the morning to the sound of my mom knocking on my door to announce that she had made oatmeal to accomdate the four week diet she has been partaking in
  • I got up, took out my retainer (gotta keep those teeth in place don't want those four years of braces to just go down the pipes) and I brushed my teeth. Not sure if I'm the only one who does this about after I brush my teeth I like to give myself a big open smile half reason to see if I brushed properly and other half to make me laugh because let's face it (pun intended) making faces in the mirror is pretty hilarious 
  • I had my oatmeal with my mom that I'm surprised to say that I finished the whole serving because normally half way through I'm tapping out 
  • My mom left to go to the gym, I stayed at home this time because I wasn't feeling my charming best to be running on the elliptical so I decided to stay and watch a few subscribed YouTube videos specifically The Saccone-Jolys that post their daily vlogs at six GMT which is around eleven over here 
  • I had a lie down day in bed and watched Goodbye Life, Hello Sister and was able to guess the typical plot of the movie without watching it so I found to he unimpressed. Which is quite upsetting because I'm finding it harder to watch original plotted movies that have unexpected twists and drops maybe I'm just not looking in the right place... 
  • I had flatbread for the first time during lunch time with my mom and I was not disappointed! 
  • Then of course I watched One Day again and got easily excited to find out that July 15th was the day that both characters would meet each other to catch up on their lives and well you look at that today it's also July 15th! (That was probably the highlight of my day to be honest...)
  • Near 3:30 I gave my mom company as she drove to the local university to go pick up my brother and take him to his referee job 
  • For dinner I had teriyaki chicken with asparagus and carrots. I had asparagus for the second time only this time I was actually able to taste the flavor of asparagus and well it kind of tasted like lettuce to me which I'm not complaining. Asparagus tastes good and it also looks like such a fancy veggie. 
  • I went for another lie down in bed to finish One Day and still felt the same emotions like the first time I watched it even though I already knew what to expect and I even prepared myself but we all know that doesn't work. 
  • Now after eating some creamy peach yogurt, helping my mom put the cover on top of our new swimming pool, I am now watching HGTV shows on Netflix with my mom. 
Yeah my day is as typical as it gets when I don't have any plans and I fall off the radar for a bit. Though I don't mind relaxing days but yeah it does get tiring to lounge around the house throughout the week so hopefully I feel better tomorrow and that I have some sort of plans to take my mind off my random panics of starting college. 

What was the highlight of your day?

xx Chavelita 

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