Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 22: Daydream

Daydreaming is what she did best
She sits on her throne with her dainty hand on her cheek wondering “when I will be the queen of my mind?”
She glances at her hands like if she were to hold the power that distinguished her from the rest
To see how much longer she has to handle until the day that everything gets aligned 

Day by day she walks with her eyes looking straight ahead to avoid the trouble around her
Snickers, laughters, whispers crashed against the halls like waves on the bay
Sometimes wishing that someone were to tap her shoulder and give her a stir
To tell her something cliché 

Such as she should look up more and show off her beautiful eyes 
That holds the secrets that words cannot describe 
Or to move aside 
At least a touch is what the doctor prescribed

No one said that this life would be what we think 
One day we find ourselves with the confidence to strive for more
Other days we feel like a ship about to sink
Not a single moment is silent air; even creaks come from the floor 

The spring time came 
With a swift of warm blossom breeze to remind those to be at ease
Because nature, as always, is open to advice for those who aim
For a new a chance to start over to all its attendees 

A step is all that takes to create a rumble
For even a queen needs time to spend 
To learn from all her stumbles 
In order to rule her kingdom that she has befriend 

A daydream or two should not hurt
The imagination as real as it may seem it is still there
To remind her that even through the driest desert
An oasis could be found in the hot air

xx Chavelita

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