Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 9: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

A little bit about Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, she was born on October 11 of 1884 who yup you guessed it was married to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Inspired by this woman, she remained on her feet and was on top of anything she could get her hands on to change the United States. When she had discovered that FDR was having an affair with her social secretary but since Eleanor was married she remained loyal to him. Although Eleanor was the one who offered the divorce and that her mother-in-law wanted them to remain together, Eleanor told FDR to end his affair or she would divorce him. (Literally no garbage was given to Eleanor) In addition to her mother-in-law not wanting Eleanor to get into politics with FDR, she still did and was she amazing... She became the vice-president and finance chairman for the Democratic Women's Committee in 1925 and was a part owner for a college preparatory for upper-class girls. She used her time by providing exercises that helped girls think for themselves and open their minds to problems that were happening in the nation.
In 1933 she was the First Lady to hold all-female press conferences and in 1935 she provides a meeting to discuss the role of women in politics. Then in 1939 Eleanor was defying segregation laws by sitting in between the whites and blacks at the Southern Conference of Human Welfare. She saw no difference in what made individuals the way they are on their skin color and gave everyone opportunities to express themselves. Eleanor would also travel for her husband during his presidency when he was too ill. This not only gives women recognition in politics but also states that women could do the same things that men can if only they were given the chance to do so.  Her list of accomplishments stretches out and overall she is an amazing women figure for providing a voice to those who didn't have one.

One of the quotes that stuck to me is her well known quote, "No once can make you feel inferior without your consent". Which means that you have the choice to either respond to the negativity or to let the negativity slip right off. When you give consent that means that you are allowing the other person to hurt you. With this quote it entails that you have the choice to react to what is being said to us and let the information effect us or we have the choice to listen but use it as oil to spark the fire within us to create changes in our lives. Just like any news that is told, there are multiple aspects to interpret a set of news but it is up to you how you want to view the news. So just remember everyone has their own opinions and some of them you will agree with and others not so much, but remain respectful. Do not be the person who makes others feel inferior and do not let anyone make you feel inferior. As soon as you let someone make you feel inferior then you already loss. Most of the time those who want to make you feel inferior is because they are already inferior themselves and you do not have to lower yourself to make your statement.

What quote speaks to you?

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

xx Chavelita

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