Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 3: The pet peeves

I can be such an implosive person, in other words I will get upset but I will act like everything is fine and when I cannot handle anymore I get set off. At least this does not happen often, well now that I am older I do have more of a control of my anger. So here is some of the things that make me question humanity sometimes.

  1. When people come to me for advice, ignore my advice, but then comes back with the same situation expecting another set of the SAME advice - I love to give people advice, hence that the center idea of this blog is to give advice. Though what annoys me is when people continuously ask for the same advice after I had given them the previous time we have spoken about the situation. My ideas do not change as quickly in a time span of a week or so if that gives anyone the clarity that they need, maybe in a year my ideas could have altered but I would still be giving you more or less the same advice with a bit more experience. 
  2. When people act like they're Puerto Rican - My culture is not a trend for pleasure, I find it incredibly disrespectful that just because people use our expressions that it automatically makes them Puerto Rican. This really goes to some of the individuals from my high school that think only because you know some of our swear words does not make you a Puerto Rican just like I enjoy eating Mexican platters does not make me a Mexican. So please show some respect and stop degrading my culture. 
  3. When people see me for my small figure and assume that I cannot do much - This is really degrading to have this immediate assumption without allowing me to present my talents. I agree that I have a small figure and perhaps I can barely pull my dresser out to pick up some lost candy that has fallen in between the space of my wall and the dresser but I do find ways to manage. The physical strength is not what I am really annoyed about because I know there is not much muscle in my arms, but like information wise. When people assume that because I am small and I look young for my age that they have to withdraw certain information from me. Which could also be funny because I probably know some background information on topics people would least expect me to know. Just because I am small, that does not mean I cannot handle it so please save yourself the trouble of playing the big person. 
What is your greatest pet peeve?

xx Chavelita

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