Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Money without an owner

Alright, maybe I should just create a side segment to speak about college as I am a senior in high school that is about to go to college in the next couple of months. Yup it still does not feel real that I am going to college... Though my regular day to day advice will still be available for your pleasure.

Ever wonder how in the world you will be paying for college? Or have you come to a point where you decide that you do not want to go to college because you think you cannot afford the expenses for it? Well for starters get that idea out of your head. If you want something in life you should go for it. A lot of the times people will regret not taking the extra step into success and usually this step is only done by you. When there is a vision there is a form of arriving there, so keep going. Today I will be speaking about financial aid maybe that will alleviate some of your stress. Trust me there is money out there just waiting for an owner to claim.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):
Now I am not sure every country has a program similar to to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA but this program is useful for those interested in college. Questions such as, am I applicable or how much money will I be receiving, depends on the amount of income you receive. My advice though is that regardless of the income your parents make or in other cases what you make, you should apply for financial aid. The worst that could happen is that you get nothing in return but you will never know until you actually fill out the application. The drawback about this is that in order to receive this type of financial aid, you must prove that you are a legal United States citizen.

1. Your ticket to receiving your cut of FAFSA is by obtaining your high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED).
2. You must show evidence that you have enrolled or accepted a college that you will be attending as a regular student who is under a degree program
3. All males between the ages of 18 and 25 must be registered with the Selective Service
4. Must have a legitimate Social Security number
5. Signature on the FAFSA that states you do not owe refunds on the federal grant and the money will be used for educational purposes only
6. Maintain your grades (though this step is probably a no brainer)

Simple right? Here is another tip, if you have not applied for your pin number then go apply for one this instant! That pin number will be needed when you start to fill out your FAFSA. Both you and your parent or guardian will have to apply for a pin number that will be used on the application. The pin number is usually assigned about two to three days from the day you applied. Information that they will ask for is basic information about you (or the parent/guardian if they are filling one out). The neat thing about signing up for a pin number is that you are able to choose the four digits of your choice. Talk about power within your fingertips!

My first thoughts when I saw the amount of money I will have to be paying for to gain a higher education caused me to think twice. Reevaluating my routes of college was a must for me. If you really want to gain that associates, bachelor, or whichever degree plan you are achieving for, you need to be open-minded and take the opportunity to seek financial help in wherever places that is legal and safe. I doubt financial aid will decline when all you want is to create a better future for the world you live in.

Did you fill out your taxes for this year?
(I suggest you do those ASAP! FAFSA needs those income digits from your W-2 forms.)

xx Chavelita

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