Sunday, June 5, 2016

Day 5: Motorbike guy

If you do not already know by now, I have yet to learn how to drive so having a car is just a ridiculous joke for me. Which leads me to walk a little bit over a mile from my former dorm to get to church and another mile to get back to my dorm on Sundays. I want to say that is the way I stayed in shape in college, because I walked EVERYWHERE. There was this one particular Sunday I had asked a friend who I have met in my hometown who also decided to go to the same college and because during that time eating alone was a still a struggle for me, I had invited her to go eat tacos. I thought, you cannot go wrong with tacos! After mass I started to walk over to the taco restaurant, minding my own business thinking that no one was paying attention to me. Behind the church there is this sketchy street where there is like this abandoned house, shack... however you want to call it, all I know that no one could be possibly living there. The yard was untamed with tall grass and weeds growing in all directions, broken beer bottles and shards of glass scattered on the sidewalk, and trash littering the floor. Dogs were barking but there was no one walking either just cars zooming by, I simply wanted to cross the street to get the restaurant already. Now you understand why carrying pepper spray with you is important? I arrived at the restaurant and I sent my friend a message letting her know that I just got there and asking about her whereabouts. Saying that she was on her way, so I decided to sit on a bench just outside of the restaurant. Big mistake...

Sitting down on the bench, listening to music with both of my earphones in, here comes this man on a motorbike maybe he was probably in his mid-twenties or younger thinking that he was just going to pass by like all normal people in vehicles but he decides to stop in the middle of the street and asks me if I wanted a ride! A ride! I sat there thinking, "am I hearing this man correctly?" and I look at myself to see what I was wearing but it was nothing provocative at all! I just came from church, I was probably looking the most modest I can be! Then I replied, "No... I am good..." insert the awkward smile and then he left. If my makeup was on point that day or I just looked like a lost, vulnerable college girl, I would never know what motorbike guy must of been thinking when he saw me. This all happened my first semester of college too, so I think after this incident I have come to realize that when you are on your own anything can happen. Which is why you must always be careful so what I have learned from this day is to...

1. Never wait outside of a bench especially on a sketchy back street of an apartment complex
2. Keep your pepper spray close to you in case you do have to use it
3. Be aware of your surroundings at all time and if you feel like someone is watching you, call someone on the phone
4. If you have to wait on someone, it is just best to wait inside even if it is during the day

Never thought my taco trip would be turning into a life lesson...

How was your first semester coming back from school or college?

xx Chavelita

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