Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 21: Collection of Dreams

When I was younger, I would write my dreams down. At least the ones that were still vivid when I woke up, so here is a few dreams that has happened in the past. If you want to let me know what you think they may mean, I am all down to listen to your responses. I am very intrigued to learn about dreams and listening to different points of views. Maybe I should continue writing my dreams down... We will see.

The Eye (10.12.2014)

I appeared to be helping my Madrina (godmother) as I usually do in the office sorting out papers and making phone calls. We were talking about something that was on the computer and then Bethany her daughter came to ask if they were here to pick them up. It seemed like I was back at the fall festival again only I was leaving. A group of my friends were singing let it go and I left my things to walk to them my Madrina to her car but it was my mom who was taking them home. And another friend of mine. When I came back for my things I was at this high elevated location. I was walking along side with Carrie Fletcher to get my glasses that I had left with my belongings. When I put my glasses back on, my group of friends had split up like they were in search for something. Marcel and Ahmad had seem to find something about the eye. The one with the eye will save us all or something like that. Next thing I see is a buff man with one of his almost bulging out of his head and he went to inside this dark mysterious passage way to search for the head master. I ran after him and as he ran towards the middle I ran on the side. The two men were running towards each other the head master cut the head of the eyed man and I went and cut of the head of the headmaster. And there laid two heads on the floor. I then woke up.   

Underwater (10.10.2014)

For some reason we were at this community hall similar to the ones where the families of the soldiers gather around to wait for their loved ones to come back after a long deployment. Though this time we were under lock down, for a reason I don't know recall. My mom had left to seek for help. As I was wondering around I come across this pool and I as dove inside I had no difficulty breathing in fact I was breathing underwater. Swimming peacefully with the bliss of the quiet atmosphere I come across a large black whale who was blowing bubbles. Touching the blubber of the whale more bubbles begin to escape him. At that moment we became friends. Yet on my left I saw my Dad and when I looked back the whale was gone. Swimming back to shore I find my Mom. She tells me that we should go home. And so I guess the locked down was over. I then woke up. 

What has been your weirdest dream?

xx Chavelita

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