Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 26: What I have learned about my college town

Living in my college town, you kind of start to pick up on a few things. Some intentionally, other times unintentionally, and most times forcefully. Coming from a town where seeing a tree meant that it was your lucky day to a town where a tree could be found at any corner, I was a happy camper. I was able to embrace more of the raw nature that the Earth had to offer which also meant lovely sit downs underneath a tree for reading or studying. But just like any place you move into, you have to learn how to deal with the unpredictable features that comes from the city.
  1. Embrace the wind or plan not to wear a dress or skirt
  2. Carry an umbrella with you no matter how lovely the day may be looking at the moment
  3. Country music will either make you or break you
  4. English is mainly spoken so for those who know another language, make sure you have someone you get to speak your additional language so you will not start forgetting that language
  5. Rain and the road do not get along, the roads will flood if there is rain so make sure you have a pair of rain boots or shoes that you are not afraid to get wet and another pair of socks
  6. When you feel like it is safe to put away your winter clothes, do not put your winter clothes away
  7. My college town is very flat so tornadoes can be a possible threat so always listen to directions if there happens to be one nearby
  8. Just because it was warm during the day does not guarantee a warm night, carry a sweater around with you
  9. My college town is indeed a college town for the fact that you mostly find my college merchandise or emblem dominating most stores
  10. Mostly everybody I have met has different shade of blue or green eyes and are lovely people 
My college town's weather is quite different from my hometown given the fact that I am used temperatures peaking 100 degrees Fahrenheit, hot wind blowing, sandstorms, and little rain. I am just surprised that without even leaving the state, temperatures could differ among cities. And the in between tips of the atmosphere is there to give more a perspective of how the people are like. Which in all, my college town is decent and full of life which I enjoy and appreciate to have chosen to live there during my college semesters. 

How's the weather like near you?

xx Chavelita

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