Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 11: Beautifully Misunderstood

Love was in the air
But it felt stiff in my bones
My body torn limb to limb
Such knowledge only to be used against me
Praying in a solution to fix this mess
Eyes lost their focus
And still holding onto this
Tiny spec of hope
Though it was not enough
At least it did not feel like it was
To keep this flame alive
It takes more of my energy that my desire
Must continue
I repeat myself
The uncontrollable giggles
Holding onto empty messages
Constantly checking on everyone else
Too many trips down memory lane
This has to stop
Must place myself first
I have to polish up
Reset my mind
Put away all this discontent and insecurities
Soon those who want to join will join
Then the world will no longer be a lonely, sad place after all

-April 12th, 2014

xx Chavelita

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