Sunday, August 3, 2014


Manners are something that may seem like the tiniest problem in today's world but when it begins to feel like it is slowly disappearing among the mindset of others that is when I think it is becoming a bigger issue. As simple as showing a sign of gratitude like thanking someone for opening the door for you or saying please before asking your command can all be little things that can improve your relationship with others. To show that small piece of affection with others is a step closer to trusting that individual. There are times when I say excuse me after I burped and people will ask me, "why are you saying excuse me for?" and it makes me wonder if I did something wrong or their caregiver said something wrong for failing to enforce manners. In honest opinion, manners is not a difficult task to accomplish, it consists of a few words to create a phrase that soon leaves a big impact. Perhaps having manners is also a contagious behavior, but in order to be contagious someone has to start it. At times even that is a bit troubling to find in people which is kind of sad. Do not be ashamed if you are the only one displaying your manners to the public, whoever is judging does not know how to deal with their own emotions towards your sharing. It all begins with you, soon this trait begins to multiply within the crowd soon instead of people competing to be the best they will be competing to see who is the nicest. Man would that be something I would love to see.

Ladies, do not expect every man to be opening the door for you. Do not expect a prince charming that will lift you off your feet in the sweetest manner. The world's job is to rotate around the sun, it does not perform any sorts of miracles but it shouldn't mean that you should treat all guys the same. Keep your minds open, eliminate all schematic ideas of every person you meet and develop new perspectives of them. Be the one to start showing your manners to them if you have to, show them what they are missing out. I think it is best to set your expectations to a realistic scale, do not expect too much from people but also do not settle for less. Find your happy medium, and stick with it.

Gentlemen, although social norms has been structured to the point where the guys have to put their partner in front of them such as opening the doors for them or opening the car door for them know that it is your decision. Do not force yourself to do anything that you do not want to do. Treat people with respect, you do not have to shower people with manners though a manner here and there can take you places. Prove people that you can still be kind by following your own rules than following someone else's rules. Be confident in yourself, do not let anyone make you feel less worthy. If you're trying that should at least count for something. Choose your fights wisely.

In the end everyone should be considerate of each other no one is higher than anyone.

Do you think manners are slowing disappearing and why?

xx Chavelita

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