Saturday, August 9, 2014

What they don't tell you about happiness

There are moments in my life where I tell myself, "I must be so damn lucky to have come across this person in my life". It takes me back to when I first met them and how at that moment I did not think we would be conquering obstacles together. These thoughts just comes out at random waves and today just happened to be one of those days.

Sometimes we forget to take into consideration of the tiny gestures that come to us because we are expecting a big change at one given moment. In reality, we are not realizing that those small gestures is what making that big change in our lives. Extravagant items is something nice to have, but how long will that sustain your happiness? How is that you define happiness to begin with? Before I thought I had known what was the definition of happiness, to be content with your life and make something out of it. Happiness to me now is to be able to take all the crappy aspects that has happened in my life and turn it around as something of an accomplishment. Remind myself that life throws things at you and you're given the choice to make the best out of it or let it ruin your life. It is not easy, it took me a long time to steer myself into the right direction and to be independent and responsible for my own happiness. The added people who decide to join into my journey is not my main source of happiness, and it shouldn't be because they are temporary. That does not mean that I do not appreciate or love them because I do more than anyone can imagine. It just means that you should not rely your happiness on something that you do not have a control of. This is where people begin to decline. As soon as they meet someone that makes you forget about your problems you may think it is alright but those problems are still going to pile up if you do not do anything about them. People are going to come and go as they please, do not let them take away your happiness too. Happiness is something to be shared with, not given to others and allow them to control. Be your own source of happiness and be like the sun that radiates it to others. This comes back to the people that I met, do not take advantage of them and treat them with respect because they will not be there for long and it is just best to be the one leaving on a good foot ahead of you. First impressions are said to be 7 seconds long before someone gets the idea of what type of person you are so blow them away. Give people the chance to demonstrate themselves before you decide to push them away. 

Treat yourself right, and next thing you'll know everything will begin to fall into place. Nothing should be forced, if it does not fit then maybe it fits somewhere else. Do not limit yourself to the many possibilities you can accomplish in life. This world is awfully big, a little exploring could help you find what it is you are looking for. A new beginning could be a challenge but you will not have anything to compare it to if you stay in the same location that makes you unhappy. 

What is your definition of happiness?

xx Chavelita

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