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Rereading this description and I think the time has come that I update this "About me". For nearly two years now I have been on Blogger, blogging about many topics that storm in my mind whether at times the blogpost could be as something simple and sweet like what I think about some inspiring people in my life, favorite stories of mine that engraved into my memory box or at the same thing could end up controversial such as gender sexuality, bullying, and stereotypes. My name is originally Isabel spelled the simple way though I have found a handful of people who have misspelled my name, but a good friend started to call me Chavelita and I adore the sound of that name that I decided to stick with it. I am going to be a sophomore in college this upcoming fall which leaves me absolutely excited! Still with the same concept I had in high school, I look for a place to store my thoughts, memories and give advice to the general public. I understand that giving advice is simpler than actually taking the advice itself but I have come to noticed the lack of advice blogs they are on here. As the time have been progressing, I find myself giving advice to others and difficult to find advice on my part. I will not forcefully spoon feed you optimism because that is not the purpose of my blog, though if you sense that you are missing a bit in your life or need a bit of a pick me up then I hope this blog does the trick. Ever since I was little (not that it has changed because I have yet to reach five feet) I have been speaking with wisdom as I been told, I matured quickly for my age, and my thought process was different from others around my age. Which is why I think I have a troubling time fitting in with people around my age group and having more friends who are older than me. Perhaps this is my talent. To help the lost ones find their way back onto their rightful tracks. My listening skills and my advice are way better than my social skills so please do not be afraid to ask for help. I am a persistent person, I will not give up on you if you do not give up on me. You are not alone. You are way stronger than you think, we all have bad days but that does mean that you have a bad life. Twist around your perspective, you will be surprised at what you see. :)

PS. Thank you for giving me a chance, I hope you enjoy or are enjoying my blog! Love you!

xx Chavelita

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