Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Over the years...

Alright so you know that I am small right? Well over the years a creative assortment of comments have accumulated. Step into my world for a moment. Though I would say walk in my shoes, but they would probably be too small for you anyway. Feel free to laugh at any of these comments they get pretty ridiculous the older I get.

  1. Cafeteria lady A: "Aww mija how old are you?" "Oh you look like you are thirteen." *as I hold my school ID*
  2. Cafeteria lady B & School Officer: "You go to this school? I have not seen you around school before..." *looks at me from head to toe* (oh and lady we have seen each other before, but it's okay short memory is unavoidable for arrogant people)
  3. Teacher: "You are so small, I just want to put you in my pocket!" (I rather we don't share the same pants...)
  4. Mom's friend: My mom tells my age to her friend. "Oh I thought she was in elementary school!" (Just because I have small boobs? Miss boobs do not measure maturity..)
  5. Same School officer mentioned before: "Hey, hey HEY LITTLE GIRL! *keeps walking knowing that he's talking to me* Hey are you lost, you go to this school? What classes are you taking?" (You would think adults would be any better...)
  6. Stranger: "Oh wow, you get your periods too?" (Womanhood hits every woman like a bus it's pretty inevitable, I do not get a special free get out of jail card from puberty just because I'm small) 
  7. Junior: "No offense, but like do you need like a special bathroom. Like seeing that you are short, can you reach the counter of the bathroom?" (My goodness even the dwarfs from Snow White would be offended aha, by far the funniest comment I have heard so far!) 
  8. Stranger: "Will you even be able to reach the steering wheel or the pedals?" (Sadly stranger that is one of my fears...)
  9. Everyone who tries to make me feel better about my height: "At least when you get older, you won't look as old!" (Please just stop there...)
  10. Stranger: "Oh sorry I did not see you there" *as they skip me in line*
These are just some of the comments that has stuck with me over the years. There was just one morning where I told myself I am tired of all this nonsense coming from ignorant people putting people with physical or emotional qualities that are not even in their control on a pedistool to be watched by the public. Why can't people just keep their comments to themselves? I bet I can find all the flaws from the following people but that's not what is going to take to change the mindset from these people. Some error has occurred in these following people and I guess I feel sorry for them that my size is intimidating or weird to have to be the discussion at the dinner table. So look, unless you do not have any flaws within yourself think twice before commenting on others. Maybe just maybe you'll notice that you have a heart. Alright I am done being sarcastic but yes my lovely readers you are above any ignorant person you come across and do not ask yourself what is wrong with you because there is nothing wrong with you. People just don't understand, or have a filtered mind or even a mind to connect their thoughts together. Do not sweat it, you're perfectly fine the way you are. 

What goes through your mind when someone comments on you? 

xx Chavelita 

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