Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The elephant in the room

Stormy nights rushed in like an unwanted guest
Swallowing whomever comes into sight
A flash of light from the post, but not even that could be blessed
To see that what was once there, is no where from right

The warm gentle squeeze of life
Mustered with a mixture of uncertainty and might
Maybe today is the day this quarrel is sliced with a knife
Fairy lights and scents of power produced with a smite

How come right now, a pled
Is when this source of majestic competency fills the room?
When yesterday even the clouds did not want to lift themselves out of bed?
Are the answers even ready to bloom?

My my my the days were spent caressing the moments when everything has gone blank
Silent nights, dark shadows, they were bound to tell the truth
Forever that this place is just a plank
To ones plunge into their hidden ruth

Everyone thinks we have it all together
But honey we all know that's a lie
Even the elephant is afraid of the ants altogether
Structure doesn't matter, we will all come to an end as we lie

We don't know when, or how or even where
So this is the reason we need to learn how to deal with the storm
Learn how to dance in the rain and from there
Stay away from those anchors that drowns the lives in one set uniform

Writing poems or stories around midnight seems to be the peak where my imagination is not disturbed by any limits or people it is just the paper or in this case my phone and my hands. The inspiration when writing this is that letting go of something important or was once important is the struggle that most of us has gone through but once when you let go you soon feel liberated. You feel like the powerful giant looking down at your problems and although this feeling may last for a little bit we should enjoy and celebrate the accomplishments. Life is short and we should stop worrying and start living it. Who cares if we don't know the answers, some of the best things are inexplicable anyways! 

xx Chavelita 

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