Sunday, March 15, 2015

If you can visit, YOU SHOULD!

Before I start I just want to hands down thank my mom for driving five to six hours to take me to Texas Tech University. Texas Tech University is my first choice after all and before I wanted to settle down it was a must to know what I was getting myself into. By invitation, Texas Tech invited me to Connect Tech, a new program they have started a couple of years back for the admitted students to get the gist of how the campus life is. I did not regret going in fact I actually reserved my room and have my own meal plan! I feel excited, scared, and curious all at the same time because steps like these means that it will soon become a reality. I am getting goosebumps just thinking of my future college life. Alright enough of that I want to show you a few of the many pictures I took while I visited Texas Tech during the weekend.

The Student Union Building, which personally I felt like I was at a mini mall there was so many stores, restaurants, and hang out places. I doubt there will be a moment where I run out of things to do in there!

The side view of the Student Union Building, I thought it was nice how the hang out place had a wall of windows for natural light to come out and to be able to still be connected with the outside.
If you do not know me by now, I am a book enthusiast. I am open to read any book that is recommended to me so this statue I came across when I was on the way to the library can we say that he is like the spirit animal of bookworms? I think we can!

This is the library where I can already feel like most of my time will be invested in here. The structure of this building appears to be a cross between looking like a beehive and like a musical theater.

Outside of the campus, I keep comparing this campus like a small town within the city. For me I was mesmerized with the view. Yes the trees do not have leaves at the moment but just picture it with leaves and the grass being a little bit greener. Any piece of nature is good enough for me.

*GASP* It's the tall building that appeared on the front cover of my folder that my acceptance letter came in!! How lovely to have come across you!

I really adore the architectural work behind these building, I was dragging my jaw on the floor while I was on the campus tour. 

*sigh* I cannot wait to come back. 

An Autistic research center? Texas Tech just keeps surprising me... 

The Psychology building in which I will probably be spending most of my time in the future as I retrieve my Bachelor's in Science in Psychology.
Do not be upset that I did not show you more pictures but I will be going back to campus for orientation in June and in August to move into my dorm so this is just the sneak peek to what to expect! By the title of this blogpost, I highly recommend that if you are interested in a university or college, that you should go visit. Nothing is more securing than feeling for yourself of the atmosphere of the campus such as the type of people there, the community among students and faculty, looking at the potential dorms that you may be living in during the semester, their education structure and of course the food.

As a new fellow Red Raider, Wreck 'Em!

xx Chavelita

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