Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bucket List: 17 Years Old

It was probably a time for a change. To get out of the routine and out of my comfort zone, to create new experiences that I was too afraid to take in the first place. With that I created a bucket list and hopefully by the time I turn 18 I will have done all of it. So far this is what I have I am still debating whether I should add more.

  • Sing karaoke or freely in public
  • Give someone who is not related a kiss on the cheek
  • Get my braces off (although I do not have much control on this one but I'm still crossing my fingers)
  • Fill a jar with wishes/advice (in the progress will explain later)
  • Meet a new friend
  • Try a new fruit
  • Learn a new song on the ukulele and be able to sing along
  • Get contacts
  • Dye the tips of my hair a lighter share of brown
  • Make more phone calls 
  • Open up to people as soon as something is wrong (because honestly I can be in a burning house and I would not ask for help)
  • Learn how to make proper origami hearts (I have tried before and they looked nothing like stars...)
  • Host a sleepover
  • Give out more hugs
  • Give someone a makeover
  • Drink hot tea
  • Get a birthday shout out from Betty Who (you should check her out, her voice is superb) 
The ones that are bold have already been completed. :)

What are some things you would include in your bucket list or would love to do?

xx Chavelita

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