Friday, July 11, 2014

A rose for you

I do not recall the entire memory of it but only small fragments of my past. For what I can remember when I was around the age of five and I do not remember how frequently I would do this but I would give my kindergarten teacher a rose. Since the house I lived in produced beautiful yellow roses in our front yard, my little five year old self thought that it would be a nice gesture to give her favorite teacher a rose in a vase. Of course my Mom had made most of the arrangements of the rose actually getting there safely and not plucking my fingers with the thorns.. When I was little I found myself to be very observant, choosing my peers carefully, and crying... A LOT when things were not seemingly going the way they were supposed to. Which is why I felt like I bonded more with Ms. Sheen (until this day I still remember my kindergarten teacher) for some reason I love the vibe she would give off. She was beautiful, had a wonderful smile, and had a sweet voice. Very kind teacher indeed she has taught me a lot not just about the primary ABC's or the days of week but to be considerate to others. I wonder how she is doing right now or about her whereabouts.

What is a memory of your past that you cherish?

xx Chavelita

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