Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Partner in Crime

Reflecting over the friendships that I have come across over the years, I would have to say that I have never had a friendship like the one I share with my roommate right now. I am starting to understand what my English teacher was telling me about how close she still was with her roommate in college. Before my roommate and I met, we were already messaging each other and planning our room out. I want to say that is normal for most roommate relationships to start. What stood out was that even before we knew each other, we were both thrilled to be each other's roommates. I still remember the first day I came walking into our dorm room, I caught her off guard watching Grease (which by the way is a musical that I can watch over and over again and sing along with Sandy) and as meeting someone for the first time it was awkward. In the beginning of the school year I had to give myself pep talks that everything is going to be okay and that this should be exciting to be independent. The first few weeks or months I was still in the process of adjusting to the new atmosphere of living apart from everyone I grew up with and getting used to the culture shock of not seeing as many Hispanics like I would in my hometown. But here is my roommate speaking to me like she has known me for years, sharing her stories about her friends back at home, her family, and with what was going on with her life at the moment. At first I had thought it was because I live in the same room with her and I am always around that I was her last resort. That soon changed though because even though she had made other friends she continued to tell me her stories and before I know it I am telling her stories of my own. Even the personal stories that I do not normally share with people especially those I have not known for more than a year. With time we started to have our own insiders, our late night conversations became a regular where the topic of discussion was limitless to, and basically we look out for one another. We made sure that each other had eaten, were still alive, and that basically we were emotionally stable throughout the week.

It was not until the start of my second semester of college where I was laying in my childhood bedroom that I realized, I missed her. To put things in perspective, I am not the one to tell others that I will miss them. As much as of a reserved strong person that I try to portray to others, my sensitive heart always stands out. Distance does some weird things to you, I will tell you. One day you are missing your parents and thinking that life will be difficult but then by the third month you are like "It has been three months and I am still alive? I must be doing something right.". And so on the other hand you start to feel that you do not want to go back home, at least not until later when you feel ready to head back. Is that how adulthood is going to continue to feel? If so, then I still have a lot of adjustment to do.

So now that my second semester of college is coming to an end that means that we will be moving out soon. (Not going to look forward to having to pack everything back in their designated storage containers when the time comes...) If you were to ask me what will be my most bittersweet moment of college, it would be this moment here. Where I feel accomplished to have finished my first year of college and for making it on my own but then having to say goodbye to my roommate and not having my go to gal. There is a high chance that she will not be reading this post because she does not use social media often but either way I am going to list a few of the perks of having a roommate who acts like your long lost sibling.

  1. They are always there for you. In your moments of doubts and sadness to the moments worth celebrating, you know that you can count on them for support.
  2. Food runs. One of my main concerns is not having someone to eat with. In the beginning of my first semester I forced myself to eat with people I did not know in hopes that I will meet someone that I eat food with. I was clearly looking too hard because that someone was my roommate all along. 
  3. Parent in disguise. If I ever find myself struggling with a problem whether it is in my love life, in my other friendships, or with school my roommate will give me advice to help me put my mess back in order. Even though sometimes I do not want to hear the truth, she still gives me the hard cold truth. 
  4. Awkward or embarrassing does not exist. I can look like a hot potato with my strands of hair playing peek-a-boo, sing along horribly to music in the car, change my clothes in front of my roommate, and experience bodily malfunctions with pride. All are welcomed, we don't discriminate! 
  5. Secret diary. Since my roommate does not know my past friends personally or practically anyone from my hometown, she holds a lot of my thoughts that I cannot normally tell to anyone else back home. 
That is a few things that I find very special about my roommate. I have heard other stories where roommates did not turn out as nicely as one thought. Which is kind of sad especially for the first year of college but I am thankful for striking gold with my first roommate. She has made my first year of college remarkable, she has brought out the best out of me, and as I continue to grow more into the person I want to be I know that I can pass some credit to her for not judging and looking past my small figure that most people stereotype me for. 

Overall words cannot describe how blessed I feel.

What is something that your roommate has taught you?

xx Chavelita 

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