Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Before I begin I want to congratulate all of you for making it through another year. For all your accomplishments and hardships you have definitely proven yourself of your values and self-worth. *insert applause here*

With 2016 beginning I wanted to discuss about my opinion over New Year Resolutions. When I was younger I would set New Year Resolutions, "I want to be more sociable, gain more friends", "I want to grow more taller", "I want to be less shy and speak out", "Wear more makeup so that people will see me for my actual age". Those for the gist of it were my New Year Resolutions. Not many of my resolutions consisted of materialistic items or gaining more financially but more so the resolutions were made to fix some of the things that I thought were wrong with me. I thought if I were to change these aspects of myself that I would soon be fitting in with the crowd and be more likable. I thought that people would take more interest in me and would be more likely to give me a chance. Then as I grew up and realized that some of my resolutions were just not possible to complete, I have started to not believe in New Year Resolutions. Why do I have to wait for a whole year to make goals for myself? Then after making those goals not follow through with them? Weren't resolutions supposed to make me feel better about myself?

You cannot expect to have a behavior to change in a matter of a day's time, if that was possible then my anxiety would have already left by now. I wish I could just say goodbye to my anxiety but it does not work that way. Changing a behavior takes time and I believe that many resolutions fall apart in the same month they were made because we expect an immediate change. For those who are considering to be healthier remember that bad habits are hard to break but those habits should not be the reason why you should quit. Those habits should be the ones you are working at to change and if you maintain the attitude that you can change something, then you can change something. Be healthier does not have to mean losing weight it could also be quitting to smoke, removing drugs from your life, taking more walks, taking your prescribed medication and vitamins and or reducing the amount of sugar intake. Being healthier means to find that happy medium where you feel good both physically and mentally. Where you wake up one day and you can freely say that I am happy to be where I am today, that is when you know you are heading in the right direction. You are already beautiful so continue being fabulous on your route to better health!

For those who have new year resolutions to better themselves whether is through changing studying habits, parenting habits, working habits, relationships, or general habits set yourself mini goals. Since you know the big picture from the looks of making the resolution, with these mini goals this can help you gain the confidence you need to continue pushing through your set resolution. If you can have someone you can confide yourself and will be willing to give you the extra pushes needed when you have those days where you want to throw in the towel. Remember to celebrate your mini milestones along the way but maintain within your goal. Limit your cheat days to when you absolutely need to let yourself free from your routine. Never compare your milestones with others because each and every one of you has a different value that only you know how well you did that day. In fact instead of discouraging, why not share your courage with others?

Just know that at anytime you can make resolutions to improve yourself. You do not have to wait until the next year or for the next opportunity. It's like saying "Oh I'll wait until night time to look at the moon at its full glory" when we all know that the moon is always around in the sky you just need to remember to look up. Make your own deadlines, shoot for your own stars, everyone rides on their own wave and by that you should be able to have control in your own life. I do not believe in New Years Resolution, because I believe that everyone should have already settled on some goals they want to complete before they leave this planet. If you need that push to start and it happens to be during New Years then use this time as your catapult to start. I am all for self improvement. I believe in all of you that you can do anything if you only set your mind to it. Do not forget to be proud of yourself too for as minimal progress you are doing, that is still progress and I will continue to cheer you on. Do not lose who you are but more so build yourself to become the best you, that you can be.

What are your goals?

xx Chavelita

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