Friday, June 19, 2015

Live in the moment

This has been the first summer in such a long time where I am not held responsible to complete homework for the following school year and where I can pretty much do anything I can set my mind on. Of course within the limits of the law but there are times where I come across this wall and I feel like I cannot do anything or at least I do not have the motivation to do anything. Or in other words, just pure laziness comes out of me. So I am literally in my bed bundled up in my blankets with my laptop sitting on my bed just burning holes into my retinas as I watch endless amounts of movies. But then I realized again that I was able to do anything that I set my mind to and that got me thinking, what should I do that could make this summer memorable and prepare myself for the transition into college? The answer became clear: you go where the wind takes you.

Normally I am the type of person who likes to plan their day out or at least search for things to do that will take the whole day. Yet lately, with the friendship I have with my best friend we have just been living in the moment. Such as the day of her graduation party that was held at this lovely cafe downtown in the city I live, we were sharing laughs, stories, among her group of friends and without hesitation we were on our way to Walmart around midnight buying last minute shoes and a basketball to play at the local park. Keep in mind that most of us were still in our dresses, dolled up, I wonder if people at Walmart think we actually dressed up glamorous to just go to the store... Anyway, this feeling of dropping everything and going with what life throws at you has been one of the greatest sensations to experience. Then with the same group of friends we went to a carnival an hour before it closes and we rode as many rides that we could. Two of the ones that nearly made me scream my lungs out, one that made me grasp tightly to a friend for my dear life, and the rest spent laughing uncontrollably as the speed of the contractions pushed back our hair. I feel extremely grateful for meeting such wonderful people where I can completely feel like myself to spend the whole day and to be able to share these moments with.

The other night I was given another opportunity to attend a bonfire in which I actually I went. This time I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and decided again, why not live in the moment? At the start of the event I was feeling a little bit off because I was the first one to arrive but then more people were showing up and the atmosphere took a new life. As the sun and the moon were alternating their turns, the bonfire started and we all roasted our marshmallows to be put into our s'mores. In a change of a moment music was played by one of my good friend's phone and we started dancing in middle of the front yard in the pure dirt. Whether we had an audience or not, we did not care, we just continued dancing the night away.

This post is not necessarily about how I am spending my summer though, but more pushing the idea of living in the moment. Remove yourself from your comfort zone and see where the day will take you but also be careful. I don't want to see you in the newspaper for public disturbance or anything similar along those lines. Just know that whether the day is planned or you are winging it as the day continues just spend the day without having anything on your mind. At least for that day, release yourself from your stress and intake the full life experience because you never know when you will get an opportunity as close to the ones you take. Take pictures when you can, but do not have that distract you from enjoying your day.

What is one of your favorite memories?

xx Chavelita

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