Thursday, April 23, 2015

Woman of the Century

Eyes of chocolate that sparkle in the sun
Lipstick the shade of royal highness fun
My oh my what a delight to see
The woman of the century walking by me

Strands of golden locks framing her face
What was best of all is the smile that fills the space
Every step she takes
A flower grows in place

Dripping in black
But beautiful in the way that night does to attack
Not that she wanted to intimidate
Only few could your attitude be translate

Even in the way she speaks
That leaves dumbstruck to the peak
Each word finds a new meaning
Not even the fairest of them all has a chance in competing

To listen, is to learn as it is to build
The ability to fix the unskilled
Women of the century what is your secret
I am still wondering, will I ever understand

Of how to become the next woman of the century

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